TMJAA: Auto archive for Joomla 1.5

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

We're pleased to annonce TMJAA initial release.

TMJAA - auto archive for J! 1.5TMJAA is an automated article manipulation plugin designed for Joomla! 1.5 based sites(ezines, newspapers, news sites, or any site that posts a large amount of articles) . TMJAA allows your Joomla! site to automatically archive, trash, move or remove articles based on article age and/or expiration date. It can also remove articles from your frontpage and send email to article authors and/or administrators.

Please read the full article to see a control panel demo, and to purchase the download using paypal.

UPDATE: version 0.9.1 (bugfix) released. Please contact us to get the free update if you're using older versions.


 TMJAA is a standard Joomla 1.5 plugin, packaged as a zip archive. You can install it by using the regular Joomla admin menu Extensions->Install/uninstall.

Configuration, like with any other Joomla plugin, is done by accessing Extensions-> Plugin manager in Joomla admin.

Control panel demo

Here's a demo of the TMJAA plugin control panel. Most configuration parameters are self-explanatory

  Basic settings
Extra actions
Triggers and Filters
Advanced options

TMJAA by TeachMeJoomla

License, purchase and support 

TMJAA is based on Tudor's original idea, and can be obtained as an instant download for a small fee.

We recommend thorough reading of this entire document(with an emphasis on control panel demo) before deciding to purchase.

TMJAA is not free software. It can't be redistributed or bundled with 3rd party software unless you have our written consent.

Purchasing TMJAA does not implie guaranteed technical support, although we will support the product as much as (free)time will allow us to.

Please subscribe to TMJAA news and updates newsletter to receive the latest updates and manual pages for free.

We cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by the usage of this software. 

No refunds will be granted under any circumstance.

We can build special versions in exchange to per-hour or per-project negotiated fees.

TeachMeJoomla's TMJAA : automatic article manipulation for your Joomla! 1.5 website $12.99

Quick How To

Some of the parameters have special importance, so we'll be covering them here:

 "Burst limit" specifies how many articles are processed per cycle. If a large amount of articles is processed and mail notifications are also sent, this could cause a slowdown. Burst limit takes care of that.

 "Polling interval" tells TMJAA how often(in seconds) it should poll for articles that require processing. 

These 2 parameters control how many articles TMJAA can process.

For example, if you have "polling interval" set to 86400(1 day) and "burst limit" set to 2, this means TMJAA will be able to process a maximum of 2 articles per day. Make sure this maximum is greater than the amount of articles you expect to be processed.

If running TMJAA for the first time, you may set a small polling interval, like 5, so the plugin can catch up with the large amount of articles that needs processing. Your site performance is greater as polling interval gets larger and burst limit gets smaller.

Now that you read about polling and burst, we can answer the question below

How does it work? 

 TMJAA (when not in debug mode) runs in the background every time a visitor accesses your Joomla! website. Your visitors won't feel any difference.

  1. TMJAA does a quick check if (polling interval) seconds have passed since its last run. If so, TMJAA will scan your articles and process a maximum of (burst limit) articles.
  2. step 1. is repeated every time a visitor accesses your site


"Run mode", under "Operation", allows you to test TMJAA before actually enabling article manipulation.

  1. Go To Extensions-> Plugin manager in joomla admin and click TMJAA to edit its settings.
  2. set run mode to "backend only w/debug" 
  3. set polling interval to a small value, like 5.
  4. save plugin settings, then refresh the page. A series of debug messages will be shown at the top of your Joomla! admin page.
  5. switch back to frontend only mode. TMJAA it's a "set it and forget it" plugin.
TeachMeJoomla's TMJAA : automatic article manipulation for your Joomla! 1.5 website $12.99

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Comments (3)
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1. This is an excellent product26-06-2008 05:08

This is the best plugins I have on my site.  
I had an issue which no other archiving plugin/component/module could solve and with the help Tudor provided (and some custom work done) - this has to be the most advanced thing I have on my site that my editors use (without even knowing they're using it!!!!) 

2. This is an excellent product09-07-2008 19:21

Why is this listed as 'free' on the referral site: 
When it isn't?

3. AutoArchive10-07-2008 10:04

AutoArchive is a similar plugin, but it's free and it only works with joomla 1.0. It, too, is written by us

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