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Friday, 20 June 2008

We applied a new template, based on HM_YAML and the YAML CSS framework. Of course, it's elastic, SEO optimized by source ordering, and, hopefully, prettier and more accesible than the previous 2 year old "aquadrop" template. More changes and upgrades:

  • TeachMeJoomla has a new logo and favicon
  • we also switched to another social bookmarks plugin, of course, enhanced by TeachMeJoomla, and patched for php4.
  • Links in comments have been applied the rel="nofollow" attribute, to prevent plugs, abuse, and PR leaking
  • slimbox mootools lightbox-like image popups have been configured
  • a new template for the comments component
Stay tuned for more exciting news, TMJAA is about to be released, and we'll be introducing TMJTabs: a nested  sliding tabs module, that, in turn, loads module positions as tabs(based on MooTools).

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