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Here's a trick to redirect your ugly Joomap Google XML sitemap URL to a more "standard" URL. The benefit is a nicer URL, which can be succesfully submitted or even autodiscovered without submission by all search providers that support the Sitemaps protocol. This trick  mimics a sitemap.xml file placed in site root, as the sitemaps protocol requires.

The trick requires apache mod_rewrite and local .htaccess support. (Requirements are already met if you're succesfully using a 3rd party SEF extension for Joomla, such as Artio JoomSef, sh404SEF, sefAdvance, etc.)

This was tested with Joomap 2.0.5. It  also works with Artio JoomSef installed. All you have to do is paste the following 3 lines in your .htaccess file, just after the line that reads  'RewriteEngine On'

# redirect joomap by TMJ
RewriteCond   %{REQUEST_URI} ^(/sitemap.xml)$   
RewriteRule  (.*) index.php?option=com_joomap&view=google [L]

On the 3rd line of code you'll notice the "destination" URL


 If you're also using a SEF extension that enforces  non-sef urls redirects to sef URLs, please change this URL to the final URL for the sitemap, like


Please note there is no leading slash.



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