Autoarchive Mambot for Joomla 1.0.x available for download

Friday, 04 August 2006

TeachMeJoomla launches the autoarchive mambot!

Do you enjoy Autoarchive?

Update: the mambot was recently updated to allow expiration date reset. Use this parameter if you are archiving expired items and want to make the archive available to the public. This fixes the "You are not authorized..." problem when using SectionArchive or CategoryArchive menu items. 

If you are having problems with this error:

  1. unarchive your items from Joomla! administration-content-archive manager
  2. install the latest bot version

It will reset expiration date and fix those problems. you may also want to temporarily set "How many items to process" to a very large value (like 100) . This will ensure that your items are archived quickly.

If you see too many "Automation by TeachMeJoomla" links on your site, your cache directory may not be writable. You need to chmod it to 777 or 755 using Joomla Xplorer or a FTP client. To check cache folder writeability, go to your Joomla! administration and click System-System information. If this operation is too technical for you, ask your hosting support for instructions. Tell them you need to make a folder writeable by PHP scripts.

Also make sure the polling interval parameter is set to a non-zero value (60, for example). This enhances site performance and unclutters your blog-view pages.

The latest plugin(mambot) version is 1.0.1 

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Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 June 2008 )
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