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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

...after a 1 month coma.


Our previous hosting provider made a real mess out of teachmejoomla.com, so we were forced to switch our PR6 domain to teachmejoomla.net


It's been almost two years since I've been involved in Mambo/Joomla. At this moment, I think I have something to give back to the community. But time and hosting were not my best friends. Anyway, I'll try posting more Adsense and SEO tricks in the future, since this has been my activity over the last 2 months. I've also done a lot of blog reading, and at the moment I think the best way to share our tips is a Joomla blog. Much of the "problems" I've been confronted with can be easily resolved in 2-3 simple steps, so explaining those kind of things it's not really worthing the "Tutorial" name. Nevertheless, such tips may help people in trouble. And I'll be writing those in my blog.

 An autoexpiration mambot is on his way, too. It moves ore deletes items automatically on expiration. 

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