How to change or recover Joomla Administrator password

Monday, 24 April 2006

TeachmeJoomla provides you this online recovery tool. This helps you set a new Joomla password for administrator by running SQL code on the database.

This is the Joomla administrator password recovery form.

This generates the sql code to overwrite your Joomla password with a new password typed in this form.

You need to run the generated sql code in PHPMyAdmin or your favorite MySQL interface.

We do not save or give away these passwords.This is Javascript code and it runs on your own machine.

Any questions are welcome at teachme [at] teachmejoomla[dot] com. Enjoy!

New password:

Database prefix (taken from $mosConfig_dbprefix in configuration. php).

Usual values are 'jos_' for Joomla and 'mos_' for Mambo respectively, whithout the quotes:

Click on the image to enlarge

Run sql using PHPMyAdmin
Run sql using PHPMyAdmin

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Comments (76)
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1. code03-03-2007 18:14

hi... well i guess it is a hard code... so i've been thinking if maybe one of you can send me the recovery password script (for password encrypting) to my email. 
I ill let it here; if anyone can send it i realy apreciate it. 
Thanks for your time !

2. forgot03-03-2007 18:23

Sorry... i forgot... my email is [email protected]

3. thanks13-03-2007 17:48

so, thanks a lot tudor

4. GREAT GUYS I SOLVE THIS ISSUE!10-04-2007 17:32

Hi I just want to say thank you for this script, because I lose my Pass and I was scared already, not being able to get in to my administrator so, I used the form above and It worked out beautifully  
Thanks a lot! 

5. GREAT GUYS I SOLVE THIS ISSUE!13-06-2007 00:02

it did not work for me. 
i copied the generated code but i can't login.

6. It worked27-06-2007 07:49

Great tool! Thanks!

7. It worked07-07-2007 08:43

thanks a lot

8. Excelent10-07-2007 14:42

Thanks a lot!

9. Recovering password is not working for m13-07-2007 16:57

Do I need to change the jos_ users 
Or does admistrator go in the usernane or do I use the last one created

10. Vipyammer Streaming24-07-2007 15:41

Great...Just executed and working. 
Many Thanks...

11. Vipyammer Streaming25-07-2007 12:34

superb, thanks!

12. OlderWiserWomen26-07-2007 05:59

Thank you! You saved my day!

13. Thank you!02-08-2007 05:34

lol, thank you! Well for beginners like me! It would of been nice to tell us where in phpmyadmin! 
I knew it was sql because of the image above. But i thoyght i had to click on jos_users or something! 
Here are step by step instructions. 
1. Make up a password!  
2. Use the password on this site to generate the code, now copy this code 
3. Go to ur hosting provider or cpanel, find ur mysql section.  
4. Then find one of ur databses, and click myphpadmin 
5. Right after u get into ur myphpadmin site click "SQL" 
6. Now paste ur code in main box u see 
7. highligh password on the right, and click go 
8. now go to ur web site,click administrator or ( 
9. Type in admin as USERNAME and for the PASSWORD type in the password u provided earlier  
10. press ENTER and u should be in!!

14. Thank you!03-08-2007 21:16

greatest help i have ever received....this script is awesome...keep it up

15. What can i do in case...14-08-2007 17:58

I have to insert that sql code everytime i want to log in my admin panel, theres a worm that got stucked in my site, it was phpbb forum or sth, ive already errased that fake module... by the way im using joomspanish 1.0.13... the SQL works, BUT... this worm keeps resetting my admin user and password, so that makes so annoying redoing all that sql code again! what can i do to change for good my password without having to apply that sql code everytime i have to log in? 
THANKS! waiting for your replies! 8)

16. Owner/Publisher16-08-2007 05:21

This is a great tool. For whatever reason my password was changed in dBase file. When I decrypted the MD5 encrypted password it came up as nothing.  
My only stumbling block was the fact I changed the title administrator name to something else but I kept changing it to the user id. Once I figured out that I needed to use the name I changed the administrator to everything worked fine. 
Please keep in mind I have NO SQL knowledge what so ever.  

17. Owner/Publisher06-09-2007 14:41

Thanks it works.

18. thanks a lot15-09-2007 02:18

It took me a little while before i got it that there are now super administrators. 
Then it just worked fine. 
Thanks a lot. 

19. DEAD SERIOUS IT'S WORKING19-09-2007 09:18

This thing working perfectly. no more problem with joomla admin password. Thank you Programming Dudes.

20. NEED MORE LIKE THIS20-09-2007 11:14

We hope new project from you guys

21. Try this before you give up21-09-2007 17:16

The password is stored in the MySQL database jos_users table password field 
I did this to chang my password 
1. login to control panel 
2. Find ( php my admin ) and click on it 
3. Look for the word ( Databases )click on it 
4. WARNING if you have more then one website on the server you must first fined the one  
the one you want to reset the password on. there ending with (_joomla )(if you need help ask) 
5.find ( jos_users ). To your right in the size section there will be a number with (KiB)ending in blue 
click on it  
6.Now on top look for ( Browse ) Click on it 
7.You can now see all the users and the user names. In the (usertype) finde (super administrator) 
go to its right and click on Edit  
8.copy and past this code over the old code in the password section 
21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3 the code means ( admin )the new password  
9 I used the same name for both the username and name  
10. go to login and type the name you used and for the password type in ( admin )

22. Try this before you give up30-09-2007 02:40

Excellent - the other solutions were OK but this was the clearest and neatest. Well done!!

23. Thank you very much06-10-2007 03:18

:) Really very happy to use this tool. very simple and fast. 
Thanks a lot

24. Thanks09-10-2007 10:21

Thanks, your programme was of great help as one always forget to write down passwords! 
I am trying to generate passwords automatically for my users, but the generated codes do seem to be recognized when login in. Could you kindly send me the code behind the generation of your code? For your generated password functions correctly? 
Thanks in advance.

25. Thanks18-10-2007 06:46
Matthijs NL

THANX!!! It worked!!!

26. Thanks26-10-2007 02:45

great guys~this is an easy2use solution

27. That's a good script.29-10-2007 06:14

Thanks a lot, it works. Can you send me a copy of the script? Thanks again.

28. That's a good script.31-10-2007 11:03


29. Great31-10-2007 17:01

This was a life saver. 
It works fine, though you may need to edit the SQL code manually. I had to edit the name of the table, nothing big. 
Thanks :)

30. Great12-11-2007 02:26

:) very good. Make me Happy.

31. Great13-11-2007 02:54

doesn't work 
not enough instructs for locating issue

32. Great02-12-2007 05:43

thanks to Wazrik. It worked a charm.

33. Great10-12-2007 21:26

can't thank you enough :)

34. Great18-12-2007 03:41

Thanks Its cool............ :grin

35. Great24-12-2007 03:37

thanks a lot! saved my job!

36. Cool !!!09-01-2008 20:51

you are cool man ! really great help for all those in trouble ! :grin

37. Mr14-01-2008 08:21

Ive run the querie and now my whole site is down cant connect to the database.... 
HELP HELP :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

38. Awesome16-01-2008 18:39

Thanks for that! nice and easy, you people deserve a pat on the back!

39. Thx!18-01-2008 08:52

Oh thanks so much to YOU my friend. First time installing and everything worked except I couldn't log in! Followed those step by step instructions and VOILA. Code is brilliant. Thx!

40. Thx!18-01-2008 20:47

Can someone recover my password for me. I don't have the first inkling of what to do. I just know how to change things with the joomla program.

41. Vern Gosdin31-01-2008 05:54

I was lost but now I'm 
Tanks a million !!

42. Thank you!03-02-2008 10:56

Thank you so much. This helped me a great deal!

43. bugger me it works05-02-2008 06:55

Seriously reccommended if you ever get stuck ! it just works as per the instructions. Nick

44. bugger me it works05-02-2008 18:46

Worked perfectly. Thanks a million. This saved me.

45. bugger me it works07-02-2008 19:58

This fixed.... absolutely nothing! :(

46. login as admin07-02-2008 23:40

people trying to login are using the word Administrator as the user name. its not Administrator, its Admin.

47. login as admin10-02-2008 04:50

Thanks a lot for posting this. 
It worked like a charm. :)

48. tx10-02-2008 10:01

You saved my butt!

49. Thanks a lot!10-02-2008 19:49

Thanks a lot!

50. Thanks a lot!12-02-2008 07:46

Thanks a lot for this, and thanks Wazrik for the idiots guide - I needed it!

51. Thanks a lot!15-02-2008 20:31

Thanx worked great

52. Thanks a lot22-02-2008 09:34

Thanks worked great

53. Thanks a lot07-04-2008 03:42

ohh yeahhh...very nice...thank you to the makers of this site...saved me from reinstalling joomla

54. http://www.datnet.org10-04-2008 08:58

Love your work! well done

55. http://www.datnet.org14-04-2008 04:20

Brilliant - Thank you so MUCH

56. super tool20-04-2008 20:42

well done guys - really appreciate your knowledge 

57. super tool26-04-2008 09:11

You F'ing rock! I've been locked out of my backend for god knows how long. 
Worked like a charm. Use your brains newbs. Joomla v. 1.5 
Thank you!

58. Locked out of backend10-05-2008 05:17

I've been locked out of my backend for over 3 weeks now i've tried everything i found, but still no joy...This is what happens i type in my user and password the screen blinks and im still on the login page no errors nothing i tried this it might work for others but that didnt work for me, also tried module recover.php, if someone has an answer i done want to start all over again yes i did a DB backup before this error but the issue is still there.

This works perfectly, and can be used on any database using phpmyadmin not just Mambo and Joomla Cms.. :)

60. OOH Help me..16-05-2008 14:33

i updated the password fro phpmyadmin correctly but i can't login... 
What i have to put in the configuration.php in the var secret field?? 
Any Ideas??? 

61. OOH Help me..18-05-2008 19:02

thanks dude, you saved my life

62. GENERATED EMPTY PASSWORD!!! Please help!22-05-2008 14:28

I have used your recovery form to change the password, but i have made a big mistake...i have generated and excecuted sql string but i havent type ANY password... so now the password has changed but i have no idea what it is, i have tried empty, typeyournewpasswordhere but nothing roks. 
plase help


UPDATE jos_users SET password='3e7b906dadf044a086d4db2d48d12ba5' WHERE name='Administrator'; 
could i get my password from this?

64. thank you very much!26-05-2008 08:22

just tried it and it worked like a charm.. thank you

65. @Stas26-05-2008 23:28

You need to write a password before generating the sql. You can do it now, it will override the blank password you have set by mistake

66. Thanks!02-06-2008 22:59

Worked like a charm.

67. Thanks!04-06-2008 11:08

forgotten username and password

68. Thanks!08-06-2008 19:01

I tried above but thereafter I went to my website and it started to say This site is temporarily unavailable. 
It just happened right after I pushed the Go button in Sql! Does anyone a way to make this undone? 
Thank you so much in advance!:D 

69. THANK YOU09-06-2008 15:24

Seriously.. you're a life saver. Holy cow..  
I wish I knew how the password was changed between now and 6.5 hours ago, but this saved me.

70. THANK YOU14-06-2008 08:40

OK I've tried this several times but I am still getting Username and password do not match. 
The SQL command was processed correctly.

71. owner15-06-2008 22:11

i wana change joomla password

72. owner16-06-2008 17:30

After updating password, I still have password incorrect problem

73. Saved Me27-06-2008 04:57

I lost my password I know backup backup backup just when I was my vista barf crash However whas able to fixe it with this tutorial god bless. 

74. Version 1.530-06-2008 17:55

Doesn't work with Joomla 1,5 , does it?

75. Excellent info30-06-2008 23:20

Thank you for the useful code. I was a able to change my password with no issues. Thanks again!!!

76. BIG THANK YOU it worked a gem12-07-2008 21:54

Thank you to the origanl provider and to all those who have contributed!! 
You saved me many hours of redesigning..

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