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Sunday, 06 November 2005

Welcome to the website: a Joomla operation and administration manual.

Our articles provide detailed information on Joomla installation and configuration, addon installation, configuration and ratings.

We provide Joomla documentation, ranging from a  newbie "getting started" guide to core-hacking  and performance/security tips.

Who needs another Joomla resource  site?

Most of Joomla support and documentation can be found on discussion forums. These are great resources, but sometimes are hard to find, difficult to read, or not to be trusted. We are aware that a Joomla documentation project is underway. Still, we decided to build our own Joomla tutorial and documentation site. We do rely sometimes on information found in forums. The difference is that our team has the knowledge required to distinguish between the good and the bad.

We collect and verify various Joomla information,  delivering it in an  easy to use and understand form.

Feel free to send us as many suggestions and critical opinions as you can.

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1. this looks like a great idea07-04-2007 16:45

how open are you guys to submissions about other components and plugins?

2. Good site20-07-2007 08:39

8) Great site this is. I have created a link form my site to your site. It is a new website, still under construction. Hope you like the link. 
Thanks for all good tips and stuff 
Please make something like a news letter or see when new things are on your site!!

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