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Tuesday, 09 January 2007

Yes, we have a blue template with blue modules and headers. This is a TeachMeJoomla  exclusive design and execution.

I do believe this template offers some improvements, because:

-it's fluid, so it takes advantage of full browser window width on any resolution. Without banners it can even shrink and be usable at 640 pixels width;

-it's CSS based, that means less code and especially more SEO tricks. Joomla still displays blog views and content items wrapped in tables, but I guess this will change with version 1.5.

CSS allows decent small screen rendering, resolution-dependent font-sizes and more. 

( CSS design for  IE is, unfortunately  a horrible trial and error positioning hassle, unless you know all the bugs by heart)

-it's source-ordered: one step away from the perfect Joomla SEO layout. The HTML source it's oredered so that main content comes first, and columns come last. This boosts SEO relevance, as topmost keywords are given more weight. In regular layouts, you just put more SEO weight on your left column keywords instead of main content. We only need to move the topmenu down in the HTML source, and this would make a perfect SEO optimized layout.

-it has flexible rounded corners support for left+right columns. This allows for a middle vertical-repeating image, and top, respectively bottom background images. Some Javascript trickery would make the 4th image possible. We did not added it in this implementation


-it's elastic, allows automatic right column supressing if no modules are published in that area.

-it may become, at some point, a downloadable item on our website. Stay tuned  ;-)

This, and automated meta description+keywords generation makes a great seamless SEO solution. What I learned recently, is that once you have the onsite SEO done, you absolutely need to build backlinks, articles, press releases pointing  to your website (offsite SEO) to reach the high SERPs


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1. Sweet...20-03-2007 12:32

I'm anxious to see this template released to the public so I can pick it apart and learn more about template design. :)

2. good template19-11-2007 20:29

good template

3. ...26-01-2008 16:37

so when and where are we getting the downloadable file for this?

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