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Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Looking for

  • on-site whitehat SEO(advice and implementation of layout optimization, title/meta tags, H1,H2... tags, crosslinking) 
  • .htaccess enhancements for greater Joomla! security(and greater peace of mind for you)
  • Joomla development(plugins, extensions, modules using Joomla! API and coding guidelines)
  • Valid and accesible XHTML (fluid/full screen/source ordered/SEO optimized layouts, font resizing)
  • Mootools javascript magic (sliders, slideshows,accordion, visual FX, Ajax, drag and drop)
  • to/from Joomla!  MySQL database migration and conversion
  • linux shell scripts/cron automation?

Contact Tudor [webmaster at teachmejoomla dot net] to have a chat on

  • YM/MSN: id tudorilisoi
  • Skype: id tudorilisoi

and get a quote.

We're located in Romania, timezone GMT+2 

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1. Archive Date22-12-2008 19:48

Is there a way to get the archive function in Joomla 1.0 to archive articles by the Start Publishing date, instead of the created on date?

2. Help... with your CSS Flexible rounded c12-09-2008 18:53

Hi there... 
Love your css for rounded corners in joomla - but i have a problem. 
look at http://tazdevil.fastnethosts.co.uk/~mymoney2/ 
The image colour is cut off at the bottom of the box. the grey outline of the image is there... but no colour from the image. 
been messing with this for hours - can you help? 

3. Solved11-09-2008 22:05

Joomla update + template modifications 
turnaround: 3 hours, including discussions over email

4. page width11-09-2008 16:20

I have done everything possible to collapse the left column on the fireboard forum page. Click the philippine forum link on the top menu and you will see what I mean. All the help forum questions I post go un-answered and I am getting very frustrated. Thanks

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