Tutorials and howtos
Mambo/Joomla Tutorials, practical examples, "How to" answers and questions
  • Core hacks  ( 2 items )
    How to patch/modify Joomla core files to suit your needs. This may require some PHP and HTML knowledge.
  • General questions  ( 8 items )
    This is the Joomla general information section.
  • Mambo/Joomla Installation  ( 4 items )
    Tips on how to install Mambo/Joomla. Provider issues, FTP upload, moving, re-installing Mambo/Joomla sites. Working around installation errors
  • Optimization tips  ( 3 items )
    How to speed up your Mambo/Joomla site. Tips for optimizing server resource utilization, user experience.
  • Templates and design  ( 6 items )
    These tutorials teach you how to build templates, modules, and how to modify your Joomla website's look. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge required.
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