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  • Customizing compnents and modules for my website... by innatekrakka
    I Have a template, now I need some help putting the right modules and components in. must be able to customize slideshows modules. Help me set up the pages to look clean and classy...Should be a easy job for the right person...Need to show cliet ASAP..... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

  • Nonpublic project #277871 by zac51
    The project is Nonpublic. Description can be read only by registered users. (Budget: N/A)

  • Talented Joomla Programmer and Creative Logo Designer Needed ASAP by webwurks
    We are looking for an experienced Joomla Programmer and creative designer to help us upgrade a website as well as create a high quality logo to implement. The site is running Joomla with the Jmovies component and the Moxmovies skin... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, Logo Design, PHP)

  • Event planning - Joomla website - For Julian by Formationsuk
    I am designing an event planning website and need a competent developer to design the website, they additionally need to install and customise some components to enable the components to integrate perfectly with the website... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla, PHP, Website Design)

  • Nonpublic project #277807 by bvizible
    The project is Nonpublic. Description can be read only by registered users. (Budget: $30-250)

  • Clone of css website by heirey
    Hi, I wish a clone of this kind of websites: but with a different design of course. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: AJAX, Joomla, PHP, Website Design, XML)

  • sms interface to joomla by dcassin
    Send SMS to users signing up or using a jpoopmla application (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla)

  • Joomla 1.5 Template by jedmond
    Once again trying to get a Joomla Template made. This is from the website We want this site turned into a joomla site, and we need help setting up the template. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla)

  • Joomla+Sobi2 - Customization and New Design by bwrulez
    I'm looking for a Joomla Expert and Web Designer who can customize my joomla based project. The skin to beautify is the well known "Disrectory Plazza". I need to modify all the design giving to you a 3 existing sites to inspire to... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, Website Design)

  • need expert Joomla by vn090
    Need expert joomla 1.5, easy job, budget 10$ (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

  • Joomla Review Extension by mscrj
    NOTE: Only freelancers with at least five (5) ratings whose overall score is at least 9 will be considered. Also, you must have prior Joomla extension programming experience. I cannot and will not (if... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: AJAX, Joomla, PHP)

  • wealth 4 rent by yoyo321
    The purpose for the site ( is to generate traffic by posting as many ads as possible. It is not an Ecommerce site as it will not sell anything but it will obviously need to have some database generator... (Budget: $750-1500, Jobs: Joomla)

  • Joomla Experts by rvdata
    Need joomla experts for on going projects, for a niche industry. building portal systems, with vertical markets db for the auto,rv,boat and other markets. Also needs to be a good Designer for the skins (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: AJAX, Banner Design, Joomla, PHP, Website Design)

  • Long term joomla web developer by nickvh1
    Welcome to our project - It is essential that you read this the attached file fully before bidding - many thanks. We are an exciting new music promotion web site we are looking for a programmer... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

  • XML connection for a Joomla site with ResMan by Xaloc
    I have a Joomla small bungalow site with ResMan installed as a booking system and I need to connect to so that no double booking is made. The XML connection of consists of 2... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla, XML)

  • Social Network by ddeleon
    We have a social network that needs to be developed. It could be developed using the Joomla platform if you can make modifications to existing components and or modules and if you have the ability to create your own... (Budget: $1500-3000, Jobs: AJAX, Joomla, PHP)

  • Convert Paper Test to Web by ddeleon
    We have a very simple goal achievement test that needs to be converted for the web. The programming behind the actual application will be straight forward. This site will require a membership based system... (Budget: $750-1500, Jobs: AJAX, Joomla, PHP)

  • Joomla Site for professional Organization by ddeutsch
    Need a bid to set up a new Joomla Site for a professional organization. Need to design a template and have the following features: Membership Directory (searchable) Calendar of Events Forum Classifieds... (Budget: $1500-3000, Jobs: Joomla)

  • Nonpublic project #277014 by envisionf
    The project is Nonpublic. Description can be read only by registered users. (Budget: N/A)

  • Joomla Template Conversion by LBM
    Please download the RFP from this site (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla)

  • Phpprobid/Joomla bridge & mod/hack by fisherman1
    Phpprobid 6.04 and joomla 1.0.15 bridge component Requirement 1. User management a. CB login module to replace phpprobid login / register b. Add phpprobid extra user detail (if any) (not included in regular CB and virtuemart) to register page... (Budget: $750-1500, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

  • joomla + docman + streaming video by JabSolutions
    e-learning module-i need to customize docman to permit users, when in docman, to see in streaming video (allvideo plugin or similar ) previously uploaded, together with video user can see document (pdf)... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla, PHP, Video Services)

  • joomla debugging by atifunaldi
    Need a debugging on an joomla project. (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

  • Help With Joomla 1.5 Site Creation by delany
    We are in the process of lancing a new site, we are creating it in joomla 1.5. We are looking for some one with a lot of experience in joomla. Need help with CSS of a template, or even a complete redesign... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Java, Joomla, PHP, Website Design)

  • Simple CMS Template by Hostingtruth
    Greetings. I have a client who likes the look and functionality of this website: He would like something almost exactly like it. The functionality would be pretty much identical... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP, Website Design)

  • Joomla site by bpetros999
    Regular joomla development, java knowledge maybe required. Permanant collaboration. Greek developpers are preferred. (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla)

  • DGC by david112288
    I have a website that needs to be redeveloped. I had it listed on one host then I moved it to another site which is using oscommerce. I am unfamiliar with os commerce and require assistance in the setup and web page design... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla, OsCommerce)

  • Set up a internet radio with Shoutcast/SAM by anneyoung
    Hi, I am setting up a internet radio station. I already have Icecast install into our VPS(hosting with Plesk8..However I am Not be able to stream audio through it. Now I want to removed? Icecast, and install Shoutcast... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, Linux, Photoshop, PHP, Website Design)

  • Joomla Site and other HTML by suprtrdr
    Here's the task I need completed. Would like you to have some positive feedback and some work samples. These are business theme sites. I would like you to have a working Skype account at least, so we could talk if needed... (Budget: $250-750, Jobs: Joomla, Script Installation, Website Design)

  • Joomla component - "upload process" clone by blairbryngelson
    I am looking for a developer with experience in creating custom Joomla components / modules. The component will need to be fully Joomla compliant 1.0 and integrate into an existing site. The admin backend... (Budget: $30-250, Jobs: Joomla, PHP)

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