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Sunday, 18 December 2005

This is about Joomla patches and how to apply them.

Joomla does not have a web interface or an administration backend option for patch/update management. So, don't look for an 'Upgrade' button when logging in to administration. Joomla patching is done manually, by extracting the patch tar.gz file into your Joomla folder on your webserver. These are the steps that need to be followed:

  1. identify your Joomla version by logging into administration and clicking System->System Info

Joomla System Information page
Joomla System Information page

  1. download the proper patch from the official site
  2. upload the patch to your joomla root folder (this is the folder containing the configuration.php file)
  3. extract the patch (which is a tar.gz archive) and you're done. You may want to check System Info again to make sure the Joomla installation was upgraded

Joomla patching with CPanel FileManager
Joomla patching with CPanel FileManager

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1. Still Old Version13-01-2008 20:14

Hmm, okey it's in the CPanel. But after I did what is written here I still see "Your version of Joomla! [ 1.0.11 Stable ]" :(

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