What is CMS?

Thursday, 17 November 2005

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System. Essentially, a CMS is a software application which helps you organize, manipulate, publish and modify your articles. Building a Web becomes a whole different story when using a CMS.

The software makes it easy for you to create menus and menu items on a webpage, move an article from one section to another, edit an article, or post a new article. These tasks can be easily done  using the administration backend directly from your web browser. With a CMS, you don't need a webmaster each time you want changes done to your site.

 A CMS provides community tools, polls, news feeds, blogs, user registration. So, if you want a modern high-powered site, you should go for a Content Management System. If you want a personal site with your resume and pictures of your dog, you should build it using a classic editor which generates static HTML.

Joomla is a full-featured CMS. You can learn more about Joomla by reading our tutorials.

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