Pidgin not connecting? change pager host

Friday, 19 June 2009
Here's how to fix Pidgin instant messenger if you experience Yahoo account connection problems.

You have to change your pager server By going to Accounts->manage accounts(in the main window menu), then selecting your Yahoo account and clicking on 'Modify'. Change pager server to (click on the image below to see how it's done).

[edit] We have found the hostname to work fine as of June 22. If you care for the raw IPs you can take a look at this network-tools record.  

 [edit] We apologize, there has been a typo, please use, we previously indicated a wrong ip (


You may need to close Pidgin and reopen it again so the connection chages become effective.

Oh, you may also be interested in our Yahoo invisible detector . It works with Pidgin users, too.

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1. My Fix to Get Pidgin to Connect to Yahoo15-09-2010 12:04

I had to change the Pager Port to 80 and File transfwer server to 
* Modify Account 
* Click Advanced 
* Change Pager Port to 80 
* Change File Transfer Server to: 
Restarted Pidgin and it connected. By the way, I am behind a company firewall which is probably why the default port 505 does not work.

2. My Fix to Get Pidgin to Connect to Yahoo05-03-2010 17:30

thx for new address instead IPs

3. Check this out03-11-2009 12:04

Go to modify account open 'advanced' change the pager server to ""  
Restart pidgin, hope this will work :)

4. Check this out17-08-2009 15:46

I had this issue a couple months ago, got it solved, and now it;s back.. I cannot connect to yahoo servers for whatever reason.. this is really getting annoying. Anyone else having this issue right now?  
Aug. 17, 2009

5. kinda works12-08-2009 15:55

I had to use to get mine to work, no other IPs seemed to work for me. Thanks to Rishi I now have YIM working again

6. worked as on 26th june 200926-06-2009 12:10

hey.. instead of all those, juz try it juz worked gr8 for me. i found this somewhere else on the web.

7. worked as on 26th june 200923-06-2009 12:25

Good post, I tried this and it worked for a few days and now Pidgin won't connect. Is Yahoo playing games? Are they trying to prevent people from using 3rd party clients? I'm on Linux and there's no YIM client for Linux released by Yahoo. Pidgin is the only option for the most part. I know there are others, but I prefer Pidgin because it suits most of my needs.

8. Pidgin not connecting? change pager host23-06-2009 01:46

Many thanks for the fix, I wonder who changed what, and why. I guess it was Yahell at it again. :roll

9. Pidgin not connecting? change pager host22-06-2009 13:41

Thanks, I tryed to understand why I had this connection problem...your advice solved it... 
santo :grin

10. Pidgin not connecting? change pager host22-06-2009 10:37
Nikki V

Tack så mycket ! Det fungerar.

11. Pidgin not connecting? change pager host22-06-2009 08:39

yep, this did the trick. it works

12. Thanks21-06-2009 14:02

Thanks alot i kept searching for weeks but i got nothing . now i got it done. Thank you so very very much .

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